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When you're part of the cheer triad (coach, parent, athlete) you deserve a PT who knows the ins and outs of cheerleading

  • Are you an athlete who is recovering from an injury and want to get back on the mat asap?
  • Do you want to prevent injuries for your cheerleader so they remain happy and able to continue cheering?
  • Are you a coach, looking for ideas to help your athletes progress quicker, get stronger, and be consistent at practice?

Physical Therapy

When you’re injured, the only thing you want is to get back on the mat. Physical Therapy is the way to get there. Working with a physical therapist who has been part of the cheer world will help you get there faster. Our customized assessments are specific to cheer. We provide both in person and online programs designed to get you back to practice asap. You can schedule your free strategy call above. In it we will answer all your questions about your injury and together create a plan to get you back to the mat in the best way possible.

Health and Wellness

You already know how cheerleading has a high amount of injuries. You worry about your cheerleader and/or your team. 

Did you know that you really cannot prevent injuries? BUT, you can reduce the risk with proper warm ups, strength and conditioning, sufficient rest and following a skill progression protocol. Check out this information from Boston Children’s Hospital to learn more.

If you’d like to learn more about our online and in person injury prevention programs for cheerleaders, click the link above and we will return your message to find the best option for you.

Strength and Conditioning Programs

You’re a busy cheer coach or parent who knows your athlete needs more focused attention so they can progress safely and quickly.

Maybe you don’t have time at home or practice to get it all done. Maybe you’re not sure exactly what are the best exercises to improve flexibility, build strength and ensure conditioning while reducing the risk of injury.

We offer free movement screens for individuals and teams which can help with exercise prescription. We offer a variety of strength and conditioning programs to help your cheerleader be happy, strong and consistent for as long as they choose to cheer. 

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