Physical Therapy

All Physical Therapy is not the same. You are a unique being and at Move Better we believe you should be treated that way. This is why we offer a  FREE 30 minute  virtual cosult. If we think we will work well together, we will then schedule a comprehensive evaluation. If you want to learn more about  if and how Move Better can help you, click the link below. 

If we are not a good fit, you will be referred to another practioner.

Comprehensive Evaluation

Evaluation starts with conversation regarding your specific reason for wanting PT. We will discuss your medical history. Vital signs and static posture will be assessed. We include a full body movement screeen and special tests to determine your specific needs. After the evaluation we will determine your plan of care together.

Services we provide

Including but not limited to: exercise prescription; massage; craniosacral therapy; instrument assisted soft tissue massage; myofascial release; PNF stretching; kinesio taping

Move Better at Rebound Physical Therapy

If you would like to use your insurance benefits for your physical therapy needs, you can find us at