We help people in Central MA live a life without pain so they can stay doing what they love

Specializing in injury prevention and skill progression for cheerleaders

Physical Therapy

Injuries are not fun. We understand that. 

And injuries do happen.

 We strive to help you back to as close to your original activity level as possible.


If you have finished therapy and want to continue to build your flexibility, strength and overall fitness, we can help you get there.

Corrective Movement

Life happens and we adapt how we move to those changes. Sometimes our joints and muscles stiffen up and it’s harder to move the way we want.

Our corrective movement programs will help you explore what movement is missing and how to add it back into your everyday life

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Laura looks beyond the point of injury and assesses the total body and the whole way we move. i saw her for a hip injury and she got me paying more attention to my feet, my hamstrings, and quads. Very key! Sometimes simple movements conquer complex injuries. Laura takes the time to get to know the whole person. i highly recommend her!
From MA
The telehealth calls with Laura have been very beneficial during this social distancing period. I was working with her in person beforehand, which was great. While it is harder to be only on video she has really helped me continue to make progress in my recovery with form corrections, new exercises and even talking me through some massage. Thank you so much for continuing to be there for your patients!
From MA
I have had low back pain for about 20 years; it comes and goes, and I do a reasonable job of maintaining my discomfort with myofascial release and chiropractic work. These things work, but the pain has always returned at some point. Once I started seeing Laura, I was thrilled that each visit made an impact. My second visit blew my mind. Within two weeks of seeing her and finding my dysfunctional pattern, and really faithfully doing my home care work, I am fully able to walk, exercise, ride my horse, and live without back pain. I used to get a locked up feeling in my lumbar spine if I walked more than half a mile and often couldn't bend down to untie my own shoes. Now I'm hiking 5+ (with a backpack!) without pain. I feel like I have my body back, and I owe it to her.
From MA