Physical Therapy

Evaluation and treatment including medical history, movement screening, individualized plan of care to meet your needs. We reassess each session to determine where you are at that day and make adjustments to your plan of care as needed. We utilze a variety of tools to help find the best way to move for you. Treatments are 1:1. You have a choice of in home or telehealth visits or a combination of the 2. You also have a choice in how often you are seen. Packages are available in 8, 12 or more sessions.


We offer online or at your home sessions. You can choose to work out 1:1 or with up to 2 other people. Programs are individualized after a short interview and movement screen. We will work with your other health care professionals to assure you are working to the best of your ability.

We offer multiple package options to best suite your needs. Equipment needs will be determined at the first session.

Corrective Movement